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Pre-Conference Session: 
Stata Programming Workshop |

4 - 6 September 2023

LSE Pankhurst House, Clements Inn, London WC2A 2AZ

Presented by Prof. Christopher F Baum, Boston College, USA and Dr. Vincent O'Sullivan, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland.

The pre-conference workshop is for Stata users–professionals and researchers from all academic disciplines–who would like to use Stata programming techniques to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their research. The workshop assumes familiarity with Stata’s command-line interface and the use of do-files and log files to produce reproducible results. The participants will learn how to use do-file programming techniques effectively, including topics such as local and global macros, r-returns and e-returns, implicit and explicit loops and debugging techniques.

The workshop is the perfect precursor for the 2023 UK Stata Conference and will better equip Stata users who want to go further using Stata's programming functionalities. The course is taught by Kit Baum, author of 'An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition, Stata Press'.

4 September 2023, London

Agenda, Day 1

Introduction to Stata Programming


Session 1: Some fundamental concepts

  • Do and ado files in Stata

  • Data types: Working with dates and time, time series operators, factor variables

  • Debugging – the capture command

  • Protecting your data with preserve and restore


Session 2: Data Management Tools

  • Transformation of string and numeric variables

  • Recoding discrete and continuous variables

  • Recoding missing variables

  • generate and egen functions

  • Local and global macros

  • Extended macro functions and list functions

  • Scalars and matrices

  • Temporary variables and tempnames

  • Looping commands: forvalues and foreach

  • by, statsby, rolling and other prefix commands

  • Transforming data with reshape

  • Combining datasets with append and merge

  • Use of frames


Session 3: Practical Session in Stata

Each day will run from 9:30 to 5:30 BST with breaks and an hour for lunch at 1PM.

Analysing data




There are limited spaces available for the pre-conference workshop, so please ensure to book your space early to avoid disappointment. To learn more details about the workshop, please contact, or visit our website using the button below. 

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